AUC provide a range of vital services for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. From buses to health care to child care and IT services. 

Don’t want to bother with the stress and cost of driving? AUC maintains an extensive bus service available to all members of the AUC community. Our buses cover 13 routes that travel between the AUC New Cairo and AUC Tahrir Campuses and through neighborhoods all over the city. Buses run on set schedules throughout the day, seven days a week.  Our comfortable coach buses have reclining seats, window curtains, and free wi-fi on board. 

In line with our efforts to keep the AUC community safe, the following measures are implemented for all buses on all of AUC’s bus routes:

  • A security check/scan by AUC security staff at the bus starting point
  • An AUC University ID check by AUC security staff for all passengers prior to riding the bus
  • Drivers will not be permitted to stop or open the bus door until the bus reaches its next stop/final destination 
  • No unaccompanied packages will be accepted for transport to either campus; bus riders can continue to transport necessary materials to campus
  • Logos/decals used to identify buses serving the AUC community are no longer in place.

Faculty, staff and students who wish to have a visitor ride the bus to/from AUC must:

  1. Send an email (at least one working day ahead of the visit) to the AUC Transportation Office and Security Office, with either a scanned copy of the national ID/passport of the visitor, or stating the full name and national ID/passport number of the visitor. The email must also have the date and time of the visit, and the route that the visitor will ride. 
  2. The visitor must show the national ID/passport to the bus driver or bus service supervisor before riding the bus.

Staff and faculty are entitled to ride the bus for free. However, spouses, relatives, friends, and visitors should pay a ticket per ride​. Alumni can ride the bus upon showing their valid alumni ID, and pay a ticket per ride.

For more information on the bus schedules, click here.


For department visitors, AUC offers carpool services. Visitors can reserve a vehicle and driver for trips inside or outside Cairo through the host department.

Club Carts

For department visitors, AUC offers on-campus club cart services. Visitors may reserve a club cart for transportation within campus through the host department.

The Department of Psychology is offering free counseling services to the AUC faculty, staff, alumni, students, and their respective families. Counselors are graduate level students finishing their clinical hours before graduation. Each one is professionally supervised by our psychology faculty members who know how to treat and help you deal with a wide variety of issues, including: stress, family and parenting, anxiety, relationships and marital conflicts, depression, lack of motivation, sadness, concentration problems, anger, self-esteem, life transition and self-discovery. The counseling services we provide are for: individuals, groups, couples, parents. 

All sessions will be offered at our comfortable and private offices located on the first floor of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Hall.

For more information regarding these services or to reserve an appointment, call 20.2.2615.1666 or 2.01202770301.

The clinic is open Sunday through Thursday (evening appointments are available).

AUC's daycare, located at AUC New Cairo, is a second home for children of the AUC community from ages one year old (and walking) to five years of age only. Activities are conducted in English and encourage play-based learning and development. The daycare is managed by Early Years Company and follows AUC's holiday calendar. Priority is given to children of AUC staff and faculty.

Services offered by AUC's daycare:

  • Half day program for full-time employees who are willing to accomodate their children from 1:30 - 4:00 pm.
  • One hour supervisory service for school children from 3 - 4 pm
  • Full day service

Children can be accommodated till the age of 8 years old for all the above services except for the one hour service, where children can be accommodated till the age of 10 years old. 

For more information about AUC's daycare, click here.

AUC provides students with physical or learning disabilities with all the facilities and resources that guarantee a smooth education process.

Services for students with physical disability include the following:

  • Wheelchair accessibility to all campus areas, including the residences
  • Club cars availability around campus with prior arrangements
  • Facilitating the student’s learning process according to the different course requirements
  • Providing support resources in offices around campus
  • Availability of adaptive technology software to students including: JAWS for Windows, Kurzweil 1000, Zoom Text, as well as hardware such as Braille printers and electronic-vision aids
  • Provision of student assistants or staff volunteers are recruited to help students with visual disabilities throughout the semester in the different academic tasks, including in-class note taking, exam transcription, library research and other projects. 

Services for Students with Learning Disability

Students with learning disabilities are entitled to special academic accommodation depending on each student’s special needs. Some of the students are identified through both the counseling and mentoring processes. Others seek the support of the disability services on their own accord, or under the recommendation of parents or faculty. Students, whose learning disabilities have previously been identified and professionally diagnosed are required to submit valid documentation to ensure that they are given the necessary accommodation entitled to them by disability laws such the Americans with Disabilities Act. If official documentation is lacking, students are referred to specialized organizations for relevant assessment, diagnosis and academic accommodation required. Finally, the student's requests for academic accommodation are communicated to the students' professors as well as the Office of the Provost.

The AUC clinic offers comprehensive health care services to ensure the well-being of the entire AUC community.  Everyone can benefit from medical advice, treatment, vaccines, pharmacy services, and recommendations for outside care.  The AUC clinic also has provider relationships with the best hospitals in Cairo and coordinates referrals to labs, specialists or other medical facilities.


AUC New Cairo: Staff are available Sunday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  The pharmacy is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  A physician and nurse are also available for emergencies after hours and there is a 24-hour ambulance service.
AUC Tahrir Square: Open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm with a physician on duty, Sunday through Thursday.  The pharmacy is open 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 


Medical Advice: Medical advice is available to all members of the AUC community, either through a visit to the medical services office or by phone, in case of an emergency. All AUC community members may visit the office in case of illness, general check-up, check-ups for using the AUC gym or in the case of an emergency.

Travel Medical Advice: The medical travel program is available to students, as well as faculty and staff members who may be traveling abroad. Information about immunization requirements in parts of the world to which they will travel is also available.

Vaccines and Other Injections: Vaccination services are available at the medical services office on an appointment basis. Vaccines are paid for in cash, as they are not covered by medical insurance. We provide assistance in setting up schedules for vaccines and other injections.

Medications: Medicine is available through the medical services office and is supplied by the Seif Group pharmacy, in accordance with AUC’s drug policy. Medicine is dispensed through a signed and stamped prescription from an AUC physician.

Hospitalization: Through the AUC clinic, the AUC community has access to a large network of hospitals for emergency cases.  AUC has an agreement with some of the most respected hospitals in Cairo that provide reputable medical care.

Diagnostic Services: Laboratory and radiographic services are available by referral from an AUC physician through a number of specialized centers with which AUC has special agreements.

Medical Specialists: A comprehensive list of all medical consultants within various specializations who have an agreement with AUC is available at the Office of Medical Services, where referrals can be made.

For more information about the medical services, click here.


Writing Assistance

At AUC’s Mohamed Taymour Writing and Communication Center, we help you improve your writing skills and communication abilities. We offer a range of services, including individual tutoring sessions to support students throughout each stage of the writing process as well as a number of workshops, offering guidance to both undergraduate and graduate students. Individual 30-minute tutoring sessions are available to assist you in writing essays, abstracts, theses and literature reviews, as well as brainstorming, outlining and researching.

Communication workshops are held each semester on a variety of topics, including:  

  • Thesis Writing
  • Writing Effective Literature Reviews and Abstracts
  • Effective Oral Presentation Skills
  • APA and MLA Citation Styles
  • Writing Effective Outlines and Papers
  • Using Technology for Research

For more information, click here. 

The University assumes no responsibility for vehicle damage, theft, or theft of vehicle contents when the vehicle is parked on campus. No parking is allowed in areas not specifically designated for parking. Drivers must observe all posted instructions; vehicles must fit within parking slots, and be parked within the boundary lines.  Vehicles parked in designated handicapped spaces must display a valid University handicapped permit along with a parking permit or daily ticket.

The University reserves the right to ticket or tow vehicles that are parked illegally at the owner’s risk and expense. Any University-registered vehicle parked on campus must display either a valid parking permit or daily ticket. Overnight parking is allowed only with prior approval from the Security Office. The visitors parking lot is reserved for visitors only. 

For parking registration, click here.

The Travel Office of The American University in Cairo was established to help faculty and staff members, administrators and students with their travel plans. 

The Travel Office handles business or personal trips, in Egypt or abroad through our corporate deals with excellent hotels, and monitors policies set by the administration for these types of travel.

For official business trips, the Travel Office also arranges car transfers to and from the airport for faculty members and administrators, in addition to meet and assist services through customs and immigration arranged at the airport in accordance with the guidelines governing the provisions of such services.

Services Rendered to the AUC Community

  • Flight reservations and seating assignment
  • Flight fare quotations and ticket issuance
  • Booking of train tickets (Europe)
  • Frequent flyer arrangements
  • Hotel reservations in Egypt and abroad
  • Airport services meet and assist
  • Car and bus reservations in Egypt and abroad
  • Organized trips throughout Egypt for individuals and groups
  • Online booking

For more informtion about the travel services, click here.